Exciting News: Primary Care People Introduces new blog!


This is a very exciting time for the team here at Primary Care People. Not only are we launching our brand new website and recruitment management system, but we’ve also launched our new blog. We hope you’ll find our blog pieces interesting and insightful.

For those of you that don’t know, Primary Care People is a provider of medical personnel in the primary care industry. Primary Care People has been in the industry since 2013 and we’re very passionate about raising the standards in medical recruitment.

We decided to set up this blog as a platform where we can reflect on a number of topics that fuel many debates and discussions in our office. These range from health and lifestyle to legislations impacting the medical and medical recruitment industry.

This will be an open forum where our readers will be free to voice their opinions on topics of interest while remaining respectful towards their fellow contributors. So feel free to comment!

Our first topic on the blog explores the implications of opting out of the EU directive on the number of hours doctors should work.