Employee Profile: Sarah Kempster

Our Employee profile this month is Sarah Kempster (Marketing Executive). Please see below to get know a bit more about her.

  1. Why you started working with Primary Care People?

I wanted to further my skills in media and learn about marketing. Since being here I have learned a lot and feel well experienced in my role.

  1. What you enjoy most about working here?

The amount of opportunities I am given to learn more skills and take on new aspects of the business.

  1. What do you do in your spare time?

Go to trips to London a lot, go to gigs, spend time with family, boyfriend and friends.

  1. What is your favourite food?

That’s a pretty fine fit between chocolate and pizza. It’s going to have to be pizza though.

  1. What is your best achievement?

Achieving an ISO accreditation for the company.

6. Best advice anyone has given you?
If it doesn’t enhance your life you do not need it.

Monthly June Statistics for Primary Care People

Candidates: we have registered 93 new candidates this month!

Clients: we have signed on with 79 new clients this month.

A big welcome to all new Doctor’s and Nurse’s that have joined us this month. We hope you find all you want from your work with us, and wish you a prosperous year. With our new clients we are thriving in expanding our work opportunities for all you candidates.  We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

And another big welcome to all new Client’s that have joined us this month. With our new candidates registering with the company we are thriving in expanding our team.

We have also welcomed a new recruitment consultant this month; Grace Burton. Grace will be taking on our IC34 supplier and will be helping our candidates and clients build new and stronger relationships.

Don’t forget should you want to join us we have excellent referral terms.

Please email: applications@primarycare-jobs.co.uk

We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

Nurse Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £200.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £650.00
 Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work) £1000.00

Doctor Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £300.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £700.00
Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work)

RCN Congress 2015 – Bournemouth

We attended the RCN Congress this week in Bournemouth, and found the event a roaring success!

We got to talk to many of the delegates who expressed to us how knowledgeable they found the conferences and debates. We were able to discuss the recent events in healthcare and truly see Nurses who care about the industry.

We met student nurses who wanted advice on which route to take, retired nurses who wanted help finding their way back into nursing, and qualified working nurses from all routes of nursing who wanted to understand how working with an agency works.

We found the week enjoyable and rewarding. One of our biggest commitments, and something we pride ourselves on is our personal relationships, and we feel we got to meet a lot of honest people. We are excited by the delegates who have joined us and we are ready to keep the progression going.

if you were lucky enough to visit our stand you would have also been amazed by our team magician. Lee Smith wowed the crowds whilst they explored, and made the whole exhibition something we all cannot stop talking about!

If you attended the exhibition and you met the team then we look forward to getting in touch.

If you missed us please give us a call and we can introduce ourselves to you.

See you at the RCN exhibition next year!

Sponsor Primary Care People Do Tough Mudder

So Primary Care People have decided to be a crazy bunch of people and have decided to sign up for Tough Mudder.

On the 22nd of August we will be attending Tough Mudder West in the support of Bliss.

We feel this is an extremely important charity, please help us in our dedication and decision to help the charity.

Please look into our chosen Charity here.

And should you want to donate, please go here.

What Do You Think of a 7-Day NHS?

After pilots being run of a 7 Day NHS, GP Online have discussed one success and one failure.

The Greater Manchester area had a huge success with their pilot reducing 8% of flow to A&E. The success means that they want to implement a 7-Day NHS by the end of 2015. The scheme will be extended to cover 2.8 million people.

The success rate of Great Manchester trialing the scheme meant that they were equal to a saving of £425,000. Bury’s scheme showed a 38% reduction in GP out-of-hours use and improved patient satisfaction.

Chief officer for Greater Manchester health and social care devolution, Ian Williamson, said: ‘Devolution hasn’t created these new seven-day systems of working – but it can help to propel those results quicker across Greater Manchester, through a cemented regional partnership, increased freedoms and flexibilities to make local decisions – and less bureaucratic impediments.’ [1]

However Yorkshire also attempted the scheme but had to close down early due to lack of patient demand.

The RCGP warned that the decision showed that seven-day GP services would not be valued in all areas across England, calling into question prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to roll out seven-day access to GPs nationwide by 2020.

Dr McCarron-Nash warned; ‘Holes are opening up in other parts of the service,’ she said. ‘Ethically that is extremely dubious. You are destabilising in-hours services for a service that isn’t even having its slots filled. What a waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Clearly the scheme is only needed in the patient demand areas that may truly benefit from it. However with a shortage of GP’s there needs to be a process to ensure they are found and placed in the right area.


RCGP chairwoman Dr Maureen Baker said: ‘Seven-day access to GP surgeries will be used and valued in some areas, but not everywhere, which is why it is essential that CCGs have the autonomy to tailor services to the needs of their local population.

‘The prime minister’s Challenge Fund is a welcome source of funding for general practice at a time when resources are scare and we have a severe shortage of family doctors. But GPs should be free to use these resources where they are most needed.’ [2]

We want to know what you think; is the scheme worthwhile in particular areas? Or do we need look at why there is higher patient demands?

Let us know your thoughts.

[1] Gponline.com,. ‘Seven-Day GP Service For 2.8M Patients In Manchester Devolution Plan | Gponline’. N.p., 2015. Web. 12 June 2015.

[2] Gponline.com,. ‘Seven-Day GP Pilots Branded Unethical As Yorkshire Service Closes | Gponline’. N.p., 2015. Web. 12 June 2015.

Our Agencies Focus

In regards to recent news about agencies ‘ripping off’ the NHS, Primary Care People are under the impression that with Salaried and Permanent jobs seeming unappealing to Nurses and GP’s they decide to go overseas, which affects all of us, including being detrimental to the NHS.

But this does mean that in turn expectations levels of locums is higher which increases the cost to agencies. We have to supply healthcare professionals because they are needed.

But fundamentally we worry that this will then take away from patient care which is the ultimate focus.

As an agency we offer a 24 hour service which allows us to support the NHS in emergencies. For instance we have had occasions where someone needed a Dr on Christmas Day, which in cases like these prices will be high due to the Dr’s demand to do the shift.

Here at Primary Care People we maintain a patient care focus and ensuring our candidates enjoy the work they are doing, which includes being able to care of their patients professionally and properly.