Patients Need Medically Trained Staff and Not Call Centre Trainees Says Primary Care People

Patients Need Medically Trained Staff and Not Call Centre Trainees Says Primary Care People

An investigation by the Daily Mail has revealed that call centre staff, often with just three weeks of training and not qualified as medically trained practitioners, have been advising people on the NHS Out of Hours Hotline.

The hotline, which replaced NHS Direct, was set up to deal with urgent cases and the newspaper reports on the tragedy of two young children who died owing to mis diagnoses by people who missed serious symptoms and who were following a computer tick box system rather than referring worried parents to a nurse or doctor.

The investigation also discovered a worryingly few number of nurses were on standby for 2.3million people and over half a million sick patients couldn’t reach anyone at all, resulting in 75% of calls going unanswered.

Hertfordshire based medical recruitment company Primary Care People has been recruiting and providing nurses and doctors for the NHS since 2013. Tawhid Juneja the company’s founder and MD says “The investigation is truly shocking and will worry patients throughout the UK who depend on the services of the NHS, especially for their children and the sick and elderly. It’s no secret that there has been a shortfall of nurses and doctors in the NHS for some time and never moreso than for out of hours services.

“We completely understand the enormous pressures that NHS staff have to cope with and the genuine concerns of patients who urgently want to get the services they need.

With this in mind, some time ago we set up a 24/7 out of hours service, which covers weekdays and weekends, so that we can always provide nurses and doctors on call at relatively short notice. We have very strict medical criteria for the doctors and nurses we have on our database and in an emergency we can provide help for practices and centres who may be understaffed and under pressure.

“The only long term solution is for the NHS to ensure that across the board there are enough Out of Hours staff to cope with demand and not just in A&E departments which are already overloaded. It’s neither fair on patients nor for the call centre staff who are not medically trained to take responsibility for sometimes life and death decisions, as we have seen in the papers today.”

New Nursing Division

We take great pleasure in informing you that we have launched a dedicated Nursing division here at Primary Care People.

We have experienced exponential growth over this past year, and as part of our continued growth we want to provide Nurses with a dedicated and specialised team to support their needs.

Equally, we wish to provide our clients a specialist team to communicate with, build relationships with, and to assist with all their Nurse staffing needs in your Practice, Unit or Centre.
Our Nursing team will take the time to listen to your needs and provide solutions to clients and nurses alike.

Let us introduce the team to you:

Pino Nicholson – Meet our Associate Director of Nursing. Pino, will be managing our new division, ensuring our expertise is reaching all clients and candidates nationwide.
An accomplished Learning and Development professional, Trainer, Recruiter, Project Manager and Sales Professional with more than 25 years’ experience; He has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of training and development to individuals across all seniorities, adding value to organisations through the delivery and management of effective and proven training and development programmes as well as talent management and performance management.

“As a recruitment and Director and Manager I am passionate about customer service and will take the time to truly understand the needs of candidates and clients therefore both myself and my team will deliver opportunities and solutions that are aimed at meeting the needs of the people we work with.”

Contact Pino:

Kevin West – Practice Nurses. Kevin, has been successfully placing our candidates into long term contract, ad-hoc and permanent work. Kevin has had extensive experience in working with clients and candidates to ensure all Practice Nurse need’s are met.

Contact Kevin:

Dean Wylie – Nurse Practitioners. Dean, will be increasing our presence with both ANP’s and ENP’s. Placing them into work and supplying clients help with Practices, UCC’s and WIC’s.

Contact Dean:

We look forward to working together with you. Contact the Primary Care People nursing team today to find out how we can assist you!

We are passionate about care, and that starts with caring for our clients and candidates. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, after all, you deserve it.

Caring For You, So You Can Care For Others.

Monthly September Statistics

Candidates: we have registered 79 new candidates this month!

Clients: we have signed on with 62 new clients this month.

A big welcome to all new Doctor’s and Nurse’s that have joined us this month. We hope you find all you want from your work with us, and wish you a prosperous year. With our new clients we are thriving in expanding our work opportunities for all you candidates.  We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

And another big welcome to all new Client’s that have joined us this month. With our new candidates registering with the company we are thriving in expanding our team.

We have also welcomed a new Recruitment Consultant and Associate Director of Nursing this month; Dean Wylie is our new Recruitment Consultant who will be helping out with our Nurse Practitioners, and community nurses. We also have Pino Nicholson who has joined us to help manage our Nurse Team, who will be assisting our current team to meet all client and candidates needs Nurse Practitioners Nationwide. .

Don’t forget should you want to join us we have excellent referral terms.

Please email:

We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

Nurse Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £200.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £650.00
 Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work) £1000.00

Doctor Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £300.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £700.00
Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work)

Employee Profile: Pino Nicholson

Our Employee profile this month is Pino Nicholson (Associate Director of Nursing). Please see below to get know a bit more about him.

  1. Why you started working with Primary Care People?I enjoy assisting business owners with the growth and development of their organisations. I have very similar views to Tawhid in terms of talent development and with this synergy there is great scope to help both him and Chris take Primary Care People to the next level. Exciting times ahead!!
  2. What you enjoy most about working here?The vibe in the office is friendly. What I enjoy about working at PCP is being able to be part of the growth of the business and I am looking forward to where we will be in 1,2,3 years’ time.
  3. What do you do in your spare time?Living in the Czech Republic I enjoy skiing every weekend during the winter season, during the spring and summer I enjoy cycling and walking. Personal development is important to me so sadly I also spend time in learning new skills and techniques that help me in my professional life. I am currently increasing my skills within NLP.
  4. What is your favourite food?Seafood
  5. What is your best achievement?Apart from my kids and marrying my wife, winning Graduate Recruiter of the year in 2010/2011 was great.
  6. Best advice anyone has given you?Work smarter not faster

Introducing Sense, Our New Buddy Charity!

We had a wonderful meeting today with Julia and Maurizio from Sense.

Sense is a national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind or have sensory impairments. They have been supporting people who have sensory impairments to enjoy more independent lives for the last 60 years.

Moving forward Sense will be our buddy charity with whom we sponsor at events. They will also be attending our charity ball next year!

We were very moved by the charity, and look forward to spending a lot more time together, doing what we can on our part to help out.

There are exciting times to come as we venture into a new working relationship, and start planning Primary Care People’s annual ball!

More news to come!

Medical Students Driven To Suicidal Thoughts

No matter what area of study you decide to learn and commit to, your time and life is absorbed. Students are consistently feeling under pressure, and some even face depression. Medical students are no exception when it comes to their years of learning and training.

A study in Student BMJ had recently published the findings that one in seven medical students have thought about committing suicide whilst studying.

They had 1,122 UK based respondents to the poll, which represents around 2% of all medical students in the UK…more than 80% of those with mental health issues felt they got poor or barely adequate support from their medical schools, and around one in seven (almost 15%;167) said that they had considered committing suicide while studying at medical school. [1]

The study also highlighted other attributes of struggle, such as; drinking, smoking and taking drugs. What seemed interesting is that some of them even took ‘smart drugs’ to help with their revision.

This highlights the struggles that all students face when it comes to the pressures of examination. Looking at medical students in particular is interesting because it could be argued they know what they are doing to their body, but choose to use them because of the pressure. Another argument is, they go into medicine to potentially save lives, and one in seven consider taking their own.

Furthermore, because they are medical students they may feel they cannot report their issues as they may be deemed unfit for practice. Which would in turn also affect their results in a negative way.

It is a combat of emotions for medical students who have numerous exams, and have to get used to the emotional side of dealing with sick patients regularly.

Perhaps this is the best time to open this discussion as the New Year starts for students. To hopefully have lecturers and tutors discuss the approach they have to mental health, and the wellbeing of medical students.

If you have suffered, please let us know your story.

Or please share any thoughts you may have in regards to this study.

[1],. ‘Onmedica – News – One In Seven UK Medical Students Has Thought About Committing Suicide’. N.p., 2015.