2015 Medical Successes

Once again the New Year is ahead of us, so here at Primary Care People, we wanted to evaluate all the great medical revelations that has happened this year. To end a successful year for our company, and the healthcare industry, we look back at how much progression has been made.

A lot of medical journals and papers this time of year will reflect on the achievements and progress that has been made. We have picked the highlights we believe might lift your day and remind us of how much we can celebrate in the healthcare industry this year.
Our Top Medical Revelations This Year:

  • Gene Editing – A ‘miracle’ event happened this year, when baby Layla Richards, was told that all treatments for her leukaemia had failed and she was going to die. The Doctors decided to give her an experimental drug that consist of a vial filled with genetically made immune cells to kill the cancer. Which, ended up saving her life. This leaves exciting discussions on the prospect of similar methods being used to treat a whole range of cancer cells.

  • A 27 year old woman in Belgium was the first in the world to give birth to a baby using ovarian tissue frozen when she was a child due to concerns of her infertility.
  • The first face transplant took place on a fire fighter who suffered from third degree burns. As well as the first skull and scalp transplant took place this year, and the first penis transplant (of which the patient now has a child on the way!)
  • A man with dry age-related macular degeneration receives bionic eye and can see his wife again after 10 years.
  • results are close to knowing what substances may help prevent alzheimer’s, including a drug that will slow it down by a third.

Due to just these few cases of huge progression, medicine is growing stronger as the years go by. There has been numerous progressions for the testing and results of cells, multiplying, protecting and growing anew.

Although there has been a huge progression in 2015, and the NHS issues are still in the limelight, we can recognise the wonderful news about medicine and where it is heading. We take this opportunity to look on the brighter side, and recognize the excitement of what has been happening in the medical industry.
Should you wish to open your New Year looking for new work, Primary Care People are here to help and provide you with whatever you desire. Please get in touch if this is the case.
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We’d also like to thank all our clients, GP’s and Nurses for committing to your job, all for worthwhile causes. We appreciate your hard work, and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Employee Profile: Mark Winter

Our Employee profile this month is Mark Winter (Operations Director). Please see below to get know a bit more about him.

  1. Why you started working with Primary Care People?

    I’ve been good friends with our MD, Tawhid for over 10 years. After 12 successful years running my own business within the Land and Property market, I felt it was the right time for me to look at new challenges. I met with Tawhid and it was obvious that we shared the same Vision and joining Primary Care People was a ‘no brainer’.

  1. What do you enjoy most about working here?

    This is easy,  it’s the relationships I have with my GP’s of which today I can call many of them my friends.

  1. What do you do in your spare time?

    I enjoy playing football at weekends and of course spending time with my wife and 3 children; Madison who’s 13 years old, Kyle who’s just turned 9 years old and, our recent new addition to our family, Lleyton, who’s just 7 weeks old.


  1. What is your favourite food?

    I love a cheeky Nando’s……4 Thighs Hot, Peri Chips, Macho Peas and Halloumi


  1. What is your best achievement?

    I have many achievements I’m proud of, however I have to say its my marrying my wife Jennifer and having 3 gorgeous children who mean the world to me.

  2.  Best advice anyone has given you?

    ‘No’ is a sentence.

Christmas Time with General Practice

As we are entering the Christmas month, we are filled with festive cheer and busy days and nights running around headless in the cold! Although it is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, we must be aware it is also the most busiest in every aspect!

To make sure everyone is aware of how their GP Practices will be available, we have put together some important information for patients and Practice managers.

We are all aware of ‘winter pressures’, which put a strain on all Primary Care services. So to ensure patients can get the best services;

Practices should ensure that:

  • patients are aware of any closures in advance by using surgery notices, and including messages on repeat prescriptions
  • arrangements are in place to ensure that repeat prescriptions are ordered and collected in a timely matter to avoid requests over the period of practice closure
  • answer phone messages should be changed at 18:30 on the afternoons of early closure – in particular – for opted out practices where there is a change from the sub-contracted provider to NHS 111


Helpful tips to prepare for the holiday period

In addition to the contractual guidance below, the following are suggestions for actions practices might consider to ensure your patients’ reasonable needs and your practices’ contractual obligations are met.

Following these tips will help to promote the smooth running of out of hours services and to ease pressures on your practice on days when the practice is open:

  • Minimise or avoid pre-booking advance appointments, particularly for non-essential services, from 23 December to 6 January
  • Minimise or avoid appointments for routine consultations, i.e. non-essential services from 23 December to 6 January
  • Ensure on any half day closing that a GP from the practice is contactable by the covering out of hours or other service in case of unforeseen queries
  • Advertise practice half day closing arrangements well in advance on prescription counterfoils, posters and other media at the practice, commencing as soon as possible if you have not already done so
  • Extend repeat prescriptions so they do not fall due during the period 23 December to 6 January
  • Ensure pharmacists collect “collection and delivery” prescriptions before the practice closes
  • Ensure patients on opiate substitution prescriptions have enough to cover practice closure periods and collect their prescriptions before closing
  • Ensure urgent lab tests carried out during this period have the clinical condition and phone number of the patient clearly on the form
  • Ensure special notes are sent to the out of hours organisation on vulnerable patients e.g. those without mental capacity, those with complex or terminal conditions and those where special arrangements are in place (e.g. GP to be informed during the out of hours period if patient dies)
  • Ensure residential and nursing home patients have repeat prescriptions, know the opening times and any sick patients have been reviewed before closing the practice [1]

We hope this helps you, and allows patients to know what to expect during this time of year.

Tis’ the season to be jolly after all!

[1] Bma.org.uk, (2015). BMA – GP Services During Holiday Period | British Medical Association. [online] Available at: http://bma.org.uk/support-at-work/gp-practices/service-provision/gp-services-during-holiday-period [Accessed 3 Dec. 2015].


Kick-start your Recruitment Career in 2016 – We are hiring talented individuals.

Kick-start your Recruitment Career in 2016 – We are hiring talented individuals.

Here at Primary Care People we realise that you are the future and would like to see if you have got what it takes to join us on our journey. We are looking for talented individuals to join our fast growing organisation in 2016.

The great news for you is that we will be happy to speak to people with no prior recruitment experience, and although some previous sales experience would be good, more important is your drive to succeed and your willingness to learn.

If you are successful in joining Primary Care People you will enter our “TRAIN TO SUCCEED” training programme which will see you acquire all the skills you need in order to become a top billing consultant. In short, we will provide the training and the opportunity. You bring the attitude, the drive and the thirst for success!!

We will be holding assessment days in January 2016 and invite you to contact us quickly to secure a place.

Please send us your CV along with a covering letter letting us know “Why I think I would make a great recruiter” to pino@primarycarepeople.co.uk or call us on 0203 137 2114