Employee Profile: Scott West

Our Employee profile this month is Scott West (Compliance Officer). Please see below to get know a bit more about him.

  1. Why you started working with Primary Care People?I’ve always wanted to get into the recruitment sector, it’s a place that has stuck out for me for a number years now as a role where I could push myself further and get better out of myself. It’s such an interactive environment which is a big thing for me as I enjoy interacting with new people every day. And, what better way to do so working within recruitment.
  2. What you enjoy most about working here?The team, I’ve worked with some good teams before, but everyone here at Primary Care People are on a different scale. Being the new guy they’ve welcomed me in and taught me a lot. Sometimes you’ll see me sitting still and listening to their conversations (not in an intrusive manor) but I learn so much. To see the relationships they have with their GP’s and nurses and the level of trust is great to see. And that pushes me to do better to achieve more, because I see the great relationships and success they have.
  3. What do you do in your spare time?
    I am quite an active person and not many people would think but I’m rather into Military history, me and a close friend of mine tend to take a random trips over into France, Belgium etc. and visit a lot of the old World War 1 and World War 2 site, Preserved trenches, Memorials, Museums and more.

    I am also pretty keen when it comes to paintball, it’s a great buzz and great for days out with your friends or even work colleagues. I’m a very social person and I love going out to see everyone whenever I can. Whether its meeting up for the day or going out at night for a few drinks.

  4. What is your favourite food?
    This has always been a hard one as I like pretty much most food that’s put in front of me, but my favourite would have to go to something so simple but it tastes so good and that’s Fajitas.
  5. Best advice anyone has given you?
    The best advice given to me was definitely from my uncle.  He said to me: “No matter how hard life may get, they world doesn’t wait around and it will always turn, so you best get up and start walking with it again before you spend half your life just trying to catch up”.

LMC Conference 2016

There was an LMC Conference on Saturday 31st of January, which was a chance for  all the local medical committees to speak up about their concerns and issues with general practice. They spoke, debated and demanded, and came to the conclusion that government was not providing a solution, but we need to find one immediately.


One topic of conversation was talking about trying to find a solution to the spending issues around recruitment. And one thing that kept coming up was restrictions on agencies supplying staff.


Our Managing Director, Tawhid Juneja, commented on this in saying, “the government is saying they just want to use agencies who are on national frameworks. But the national frameworks are only secondary care, not primary care.

Therefore, we have clients not wanting to use us because we are not on the frameworks, which means us (alongside other agencies) cannot provide skilled Primary Care clinicians. But that will only create further issues when our clients do not have the nurses they need.”


Not only that, the government is also saying those nurses should be employed by what band they are on. Which we know by experience that if a nurse has the right skillset they can really benefit in certain healthcare environments that are struggling.


He went on to say “we propose that Urgent Care Centres should be treated separately to other practices and centres, and have no pigeon hole of band nurses. Because otherwise the UCC’s job of relieving A&E will not be able to function. And nurses will no skills would be there instead.”


We believe this because UCC’s need an affective team to perform its function. We recognise this first-hand from when we told the UCC’s that we could cost them a more effective solution of using Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses with minor injury skills.


We feel this is just another example of a system gone wrong and not thought through.


Please let us know your thoughts on this.

Or any thoughts you may have had from the day.


Email: work@primarycarepeople.co.uk