Kick-start your Recruitment Career in 2016 – We are hiring talented individuals.

Kick-start your Recruitment Career in 2016 – We are hiring talented individuals.

Here at Primary Care People we realise that you are the future and would like to see if you have got what it takes to join us on our journey. We are looking for talented individuals to join our fast growing organisation in 2016.

The great news for you is that we will be happy to speak to people with no prior recruitment experience, and although some previous sales experience would be good, more important is your drive to succeed and your willingness to learn.

If you are successful in joining Primary Care People you will enter our “TRAIN TO SUCCEED” training programme which will see you acquire all the skills you need in order to become a top billing consultant. In short, we will provide the training and the opportunity. You bring the attitude, the drive and the thirst for success!!

We will be holding assessment days in January 2016 and invite you to contact us quickly to secure a place.

Please send us your CV along with a covering letter letting us know “Why I think I would make a great recruiter” to or call us on 0203 137 2114

Partnership With The RCGP

Today marked a very special occasion for Primary Care People, and the start of our partnership with The Royal College of General Practitioners.

We have partnered up with The RCGP to help assist them in their Practice Manager workshops that will be running annually from Janurary 2016.

We’re delighted to confirm that Primary Care People will be the exclusive sponsorship partner for the imminent schedule of legal practice and employment workshops, due to launch in November 2015.

Through the rest of 2015 workshops will be trialled in London before moving over the country. Our Managing Director Tawhid Juneja will be taking part in the workshops to speak to Practice Managers about how we can help with current issues.

Not only will we be assisting the college with the workshops, but we are also the official sponsor for next years Research Paper of the Year.

RCGP’s flagship clinical research award, now entering its 20th year. For 2016, Primary Care people will be the partner to take the awards into a new era.

We are proud to be working closely with the college to eradicate ideas of ‘the greedy agency’, and offer any help and advice we can to General Practitioners and Practice Managers.

Caring For You, So You Can Care For Others


RCGP Annual Conference, Glasgow 2015

We had a great couple of days at the RCGP Annual Conference in Glasgow last week!

We wanted to say a big thank you to all those that came by to see us. We met some wonderful people, and we are very excited for Primary Care People’s future.

We are delighted to have joined new GP’s to our team, and to understand what future GP’s desire. All-in-all, it was an extremely great Exhibition, which we enjoyed thoroughly.

We even had the opportunity to sit in on some lectures and speeches which we found most informative. We also got to exhibit on our brand new stand which is a sneak peek of things to come for our brand.

We hope you all enjoyed your trip also. If you did manage to miss us please contact us today so we can introduce ourselves and find out about your conference experience!

Primary Care People

Caring For You, So You Can Care For Others

New Nursing Division

We take great pleasure in informing you that we have launched a dedicated Nursing division here at Primary Care People.

We have experienced exponential growth over this past year, and as part of our continued growth we want to provide Nurses with a dedicated and specialised team to support their needs.

Equally, we wish to provide our clients a specialist team to communicate with, build relationships with, and to assist with all their Nurse staffing needs in your Practice, Unit or Centre.
Our Nursing team will take the time to listen to your needs and provide solutions to clients and nurses alike.

Let us introduce the team to you:

Pino Nicholson – Meet our Associate Director of Nursing. Pino, will be managing our new division, ensuring our expertise is reaching all clients and candidates nationwide.
An accomplished Learning and Development professional, Trainer, Recruiter, Project Manager and Sales Professional with more than 25 years’ experience; He has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of training and development to individuals across all seniorities, adding value to organisations through the delivery and management of effective and proven training and development programmes as well as talent management and performance management.

“As a recruitment and Director and Manager I am passionate about customer service and will take the time to truly understand the needs of candidates and clients therefore both myself and my team will deliver opportunities and solutions that are aimed at meeting the needs of the people we work with.”

Contact Pino:

Kevin West – Practice Nurses. Kevin, has been successfully placing our candidates into long term contract, ad-hoc and permanent work. Kevin has had extensive experience in working with clients and candidates to ensure all Practice Nurse need’s are met.

Contact Kevin:

Dean Wylie – Nurse Practitioners. Dean, will be increasing our presence with both ANP’s and ENP’s. Placing them into work and supplying clients help with Practices, UCC’s and WIC’s.

Contact Dean:

We look forward to working together with you. Contact the Primary Care People nursing team today to find out how we can assist you!

We are passionate about care, and that starts with caring for our clients and candidates. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, after all, you deserve it.

Caring For You, So You Can Care For Others.

Our Agencies Focus

In regards to recent news about agencies ‘ripping off’ the NHS, Primary Care People are under the impression that with Salaried and Permanent jobs seeming unappealing to Nurses and GP’s they decide to go overseas, which affects all of us, including being detrimental to the NHS.

But this does mean that in turn expectations levels of locums is higher which increases the cost to agencies. We have to supply healthcare professionals because they are needed.

But fundamentally we worry that this will then take away from patient care which is the ultimate focus.

As an agency we offer a 24 hour service which allows us to support the NHS in emergencies. For instance we have had occasions where someone needed a Dr on Christmas Day, which in cases like these prices will be high due to the Dr’s demand to do the shift.

Here at Primary Care People we maintain a patient care focus and ensuring our candidates enjoy the work they are doing, which includes being able to care of their patients professionally and properly.

Monthly May Statistics for Primary Care People

Candidates: we have registered 54 new candidates this month!

Clients: we have signed on with 102 new clients this month.

A big welcome to all new Doctor’s and Nurse’s that have joined us this month. We hope you find all you want from your work with us, and wish you a prosperous year. With our new clients we are thriving in expanding our work opportunities for all you candidates.  We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

And another big welcome to all new Client’s that have joined us this month. With our new candidates registering with the company we are thriving in expanding our team.

We have also welcomed a new recruitment consultant this month; Paul Berry. Paul is highly experienced in recruitment consulting and will be helping our candidates and clients build new and stronger relationships.

Don’t forget should you want to join us we have excellent referral terms.

Please email:

We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

Nurse Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £200.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £650.00
 Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work) £1000.00

Doctor Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £300.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £700.00
Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work)

Primary Care People Supplier for IC24

Primary Care People are excited to announce we have been appointed as the preferred supplier for IC24. As the UK’s fastest growing Primary Care recruitment specialist, we will share best practice and innovative ideas through a partnership approach and strategic working to assist IC24 achieve their goals and deliver world class services.

This also means we are guaranteed to have work available for candidates.

If you are interested in joining the Primary Care People team and working within any of the IC24 services, please contact us on 0203 137 2114

Why Be a Salaried GP?

After the issues that have brewed with the NHS and the shortage of GP’s, general practitioners have realized that there may be a better way to do the job they love to do. We found a solution to the answer by providing salaried positions to General Practitioners. There are numerous benefits as to why this could solve some of the issues surrounding the career, and be of a huge benefit to the said GP!

  1. Stability

heaven gif No more concerns, or worries about what the future may hold, or the stress you may feel within a practice. As a Salaried GP you will have a stable work environment, and find your place in a hardworking team. You will also have financial stability; knowing you have a guaranteed job and income, on fixed terms arranged by yourself. Not to mention having a structured working week, making it easier to plan social engagements, childcare etc.

  1. Fixed Commitment

so good gif While your employer can request that you do an extra shift, you do not have to accept, and they cannot demand that you provide the extra cover. Your main commitment will be to clinical work, and many doctors prefer this – managing other employees, dealing with the upkeep of the building, keeping an eye on the accounts will not be your responsibility.

  1. Extra Benefits

love-this-job MDU fees are paid for you, alongside your highly paid annum salary. Paid annual leave, sickness and maternity benefits.

  1. Less Stress

need to relax gif In a salaried role the GP can focus on the clinical work and won’t have to worry or deal with the responsibilities of a partner.

  1. Continuity

good-challenging-messy-3 Having a perm positions means that relationships can be built with the same patients. Training and development will be accessible also, all with no strings attached should It ever come to the GP wanting to leave the practice. Contact us today to find out more about what Salaried positions we can do for you! Call: 0203 137 2114 Email:

The Recruiter Awards

Last night Primary Care People attended The Recruiter Awards at Grosvenor House Hotel. We joined the awards as part of being shortlisted for Best New Agency in the whole country!

Although we did not win, we feel like winners to have been there. To be recognized as one of the best recruiters in the UK, alongside only 4 other companies, was a real achievement for the company.

At only 18 months old the business has grown immensely, and the team is getting bigger as a result.

We are so proud of our hard work and dedication of every staff member to getting the company where it is today.

With determination, Primary Care People have built a solid reputation and have collated numbers of successful clients and candidates who work hard themselves every day.

Being in the healthcare business we are a 24 hour, 7 days a week agency. We continue to love what we do, and help ensure patients and clients are seen to, and that GP’s and Nurse’s are happy and supported in their roles.

We continue to feel humbled by the loyalty and team morale that all our candidates and clients can give us. Together we will continue to grow stronger, especially at this time and need of the primary healthcare issues.

To be shortlisted as Best New Agency was a win in itself, but we have done our best, and we will continue to do the best for our candidates and our staff.

Well done to all who won and entered. We are proud that our hard work has been seen.

Caring for you, so you can care for others.

5 Reasons You Should Be a Nurse Practitioner

There has been a recent study of nurse numbers being low (ran by the BBC) which really connects to us and the sparsity we see in nurse recruitment. We notice the shortage especially in nurse practitioners, and so we took the time to think about why wouldn’t you be a nurse practitioner?

With nurse training being a possibility we want to reveal why you should be a nurse practitioner:

1. Open doors to new opportunities: An advanced education will not only open the door to countless new job opportunities, but will also provide you with the knowledge and experience necessary to provide high-quality healthcare services in a range of specialty areas to those in your community and beyond.

knowledge is power

2. Professional longevity: Nurse Practitioners will play a vital role in the expansion of healthcare services in the future, as they can understand the same things a GP does, but will be more in demand. Therefore they can provide high-quality care and also be cost-efficient in healthcare.

who run the wrold

3. Financial benefit: If you have more knowledge, it’s pretty self-explanatory that for another years work you would earn double your money!

dollar bills

4. Personal fulfillment: Furthermore, the more insight you have, the more you are able to help patients in more severe cases. You’ll go to work feeling good, knowing you are performing a life saving job.

it feels good

5. Independence: In regards to being a locum Nurse Practitioner, you can work however you want and you do not have to depend on a GP during the working house. NP’s can practice independently


Should you be interested in progressing into a nurse practitioner role, or you are a NP and want to see want we can do for you, please contact Primary Care People today.

Call: 0203 137 2114