LMC Conference 2016

There was an LMC Conference on Saturday 31st of January, which was a chance for  all the local medical committees to speak up about their concerns and issues with general practice. They spoke, debated and demanded, and came to the conclusion that government was not providing a solution, but we need to find one immediately.


One topic of conversation was talking about trying to find a solution to the spending issues around recruitment. And one thing that kept coming up was restrictions on agencies supplying staff.


Our Managing Director, Tawhid Juneja, commented on this in saying, “the government is saying they just want to use agencies who are on national frameworks. But the national frameworks are only secondary care, not primary care.

Therefore, we have clients not wanting to use us because we are not on the frameworks, which means us (alongside other agencies) cannot provide skilled Primary Care clinicians. But that will only create further issues when our clients do not have the nurses they need.”


Not only that, the government is also saying those nurses should be employed by what band they are on. Which we know by experience that if a nurse has the right skillset they can really benefit in certain healthcare environments that are struggling.


He went on to say “we propose that Urgent Care Centres should be treated separately to other practices and centres, and have no pigeon hole of band nurses. Because otherwise the UCC’s job of relieving A&E will not be able to function. And nurses will no skills would be there instead.”


We believe this because UCC’s need an affective team to perform its function. We recognise this first-hand from when we told the UCC’s that we could cost them a more effective solution of using Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses with minor injury skills.


We feel this is just another example of a system gone wrong and not thought through.


Please let us know your thoughts on this.

Or any thoughts you may have had from the day.


Email: work@primarycarepeople.co.uk

Partnership With The RCGP

Today marked a very special occasion for Primary Care People, and the start of our partnership with The Royal College of General Practitioners.

We have partnered up with The RCGP to help assist them in their Practice Manager workshops that will be running annually from Janurary 2016.

We’re delighted to confirm that Primary Care People will be the exclusive sponsorship partner for the imminent schedule of legal practice and employment workshops, due to launch in November 2015.

Through the rest of 2015 workshops will be trialled in London before moving over the country. Our Managing Director Tawhid Juneja will be taking part in the workshops to speak to Practice Managers about how we can help with current issues.

Not only will we be assisting the college with the workshops, but we are also the official sponsor for next years Research Paper of the Year.

RCGP’s flagship clinical research award, now entering its 20th year. For 2016, Primary Care people will be the partner to take the awards into a new era.

We are proud to be working closely with the college to eradicate ideas of ‘the greedy agency’, and offer any help and advice we can to General Practitioners and Practice Managers.

Caring For You, So You Can Care For Others


Our Agencies Focus

In regards to recent news about agencies ‘ripping off’ the NHS, Primary Care People are under the impression that with Salaried and Permanent jobs seeming unappealing to Nurses and GP’s they decide to go overseas, which affects all of us, including being detrimental to the NHS.

But this does mean that in turn expectations levels of locums is higher which increases the cost to agencies. We have to supply healthcare professionals because they are needed.

But fundamentally we worry that this will then take away from patient care which is the ultimate focus.

As an agency we offer a 24 hour service which allows us to support the NHS in emergencies. For instance we have had occasions where someone needed a Dr on Christmas Day, which in cases like these prices will be high due to the Dr’s demand to do the shift.

Here at Primary Care People we maintain a patient care focus and ensuring our candidates enjoy the work they are doing, which includes being able to care of their patients professionally and properly.

Why Be a Salaried GP?

After the issues that have brewed with the NHS and the shortage of GP’s, general practitioners have realized that there may be a better way to do the job they love to do. We found a solution to the answer by providing salaried positions to General Practitioners. There are numerous benefits as to why this could solve some of the issues surrounding the career, and be of a huge benefit to the said GP!

  1. Stability

heaven gif No more concerns, or worries about what the future may hold, or the stress you may feel within a practice. As a Salaried GP you will have a stable work environment, and find your place in a hardworking team. You will also have financial stability; knowing you have a guaranteed job and income, on fixed terms arranged by yourself. Not to mention having a structured working week, making it easier to plan social engagements, childcare etc.

  1. Fixed Commitment

so good gif While your employer can request that you do an extra shift, you do not have to accept, and they cannot demand that you provide the extra cover. Your main commitment will be to clinical work, and many doctors prefer this – managing other employees, dealing with the upkeep of the building, keeping an eye on the accounts will not be your responsibility.

  1. Extra Benefits

love-this-job MDU fees are paid for you, alongside your highly paid annum salary. Paid annual leave, sickness and maternity benefits.

  1. Less Stress

need to relax gif In a salaried role the GP can focus on the clinical work and won’t have to worry or deal with the responsibilities of a partner.

  1. Continuity

good-challenging-messy-3 Having a perm positions means that relationships can be built with the same patients. Training and development will be accessible also, all with no strings attached should It ever come to the GP wanting to leave the practice. Contact us today to find out more about what Salaried positions we can do for you! Call: 0203 137 2114 Email: applications@primarycare-jobs.co.uk

The Recruiter Awards

Last night Primary Care People attended The Recruiter Awards at Grosvenor House Hotel. We joined the awards as part of being shortlisted for Best New Agency in the whole country!

Although we did not win, we feel like winners to have been there. To be recognized as one of the best recruiters in the UK, alongside only 4 other companies, was a real achievement for the company.

At only 18 months old the business has grown immensely, and the team is getting bigger as a result.

We are so proud of our hard work and dedication of every staff member to getting the company where it is today.

With determination, Primary Care People have built a solid reputation and have collated numbers of successful clients and candidates who work hard themselves every day.

Being in the healthcare business we are a 24 hour, 7 days a week agency. We continue to love what we do, and help ensure patients and clients are seen to, and that GP’s and Nurse’s are happy and supported in their roles.

We continue to feel humbled by the loyalty and team morale that all our candidates and clients can give us. Together we will continue to grow stronger, especially at this time and need of the primary healthcare issues.

To be shortlisted as Best New Agency was a win in itself, but we have done our best, and we will continue to do the best for our candidates and our staff.

Well done to all who won and entered. We are proud that our hard work has been seen.

Caring for you, so you can care for others.

7 Reasons To Be a GP

With the shortage of General Practitioners still being an issue in the Primary Care sector, we came to think about why there is a shortage? And if it’s the NHS that’s causing you trouble, or the government, why not take a moment to think about the ideal life as a locum GP.

We took the liberty of accumulating the dream life for you…

1. VarietySo much choice!


GP’s have a full range of medical, psychological, social problems. Not to mention enjoying different practices which will allow you opportunities to work with different GPs, and treat different patients. This will help you build more relationships and gain more skills enabling you to have a better career.


2. Independence All decisions are up to you!


Considerable day-to-day autonomy, you choose when & where. Which also allows for a better work life and personal life balance.

3. Money –
Basically, lots of it.


Value with portfolio work too, but you’re also looking at £200K a year!

4. More clinicalin a nutshell less paper work


5. Time Off – Good opportunity to take time off and recover from registrar year.

relax gif

Not to mention, NO EXAMS!!

6. Helping People – You’re the savior really.


The profession can be rewarding and self-fulfilling. You’re responsible for helping and maintaining the health of a large group of people of all ages. You can relieve someone’s pain, deliver a newborn, detect health problems that may otherwise go unnoticed and make referrals to see specialists for further testing and care.


7. Power – And lets not forget to be a GP in general is underrated…they know about everything. 

king of the world gif

Since general practitioners don’t specialize in certain areas, they diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses, diseases and other ailments that affect all parts of the body…so they basically hold all the power.

As you can see life of a Locum GP is one not to missed out on. Even a salaried life as a GP seems pretty darn great, are we right?

Get in touch today to see why!

Call: 0203 137 2114

Email: socialmedia@primarycare-jobs.co.uk

We Have Been Shortlisted: Recruiter Awards 2015!

BIG announcement: Primary Care People have been shortlisted for the 2015 Recruiter Awards!

Primary Care People have made it to the successful 5 for Best New Agency in the whole country!

We are very excited and honoured to have made it.

The awards dinner takes place on May 5th, Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Primary Care People are extremely proud of this achievement. We strive to provide the best service for our candidates and clients, and we feel delighted that this reflects the hard work all our staff, GP’s, nurses and clients have achieved.

We want you to join us in our celebration – through our teamwork together and your hard work in the primary care industry we have accomplished a high standard of service.

Good luck to all entrants and we look forward to the night immensely!



If you are one of our GP’s or Nurse’s, and want to come with us, and win a plus one attendee, with a night at The Grosvenor – please contact us with your interest.
Email: marketing@primarycare-jobs.co.uk

10 Reasons Why GP’s and Nurses Should Work With Agencies

With struggles behind nurses pay, and the stress on doctors and nurses from the pressures of the NHS Primary Care People thought we’d take a moment to discuss why working with an agency is better!

  1. Work locum or salaried positions – you choose exactly what days and hours you work. Whether it be full time, or extra work on top of your permanent job.
    work meme
  2. Earn more money! – We understand how high in demand GP’s and Nurses are, and we want to reward you with the full salary you deserve instead of cuts in pay.


  3. Exclusive vacancies –We receive the job rotas before anyone else, and therefore can get you the most preferred shifts first.


  1. Time saving – Our consultants spend their time hunting for the right vacancy for you so you don’t have to worry.


  1. Training and advice – We already have contacts in the medical field, and our consultant’s expertise to help you prepare for interviews and develop your skills.


  1. You won’t be on your own – Our consultants will help you every step of the process and secure you have a great interview.

thank you

  1. We take care of your documents – our compliance officer monitors all your official documents. You no longer have to worry about expiry dates or training. We monitor all of that for you, and help you find training!

    office dreams

  2. Professional skills analysis –After meeting you face-to-face, or discussing your wishes, our consultants are able to analyse your skills and know which jobs you will be best suited to.

we can do this

  1. Opportunities for experience – Should you want to work in different environments. We do not limit your choice of work; hospital, GP Surgery, WIC, UCC, MIU, you can work in one, or all.

    opportunites gif

  2. Referral rates– Not only can you earn high rates for your own work, but we can offer you money just by referring another GP or Nurse.

    money gif

    Should you want to know more about what we can offer you please get in touch now!
    Call: 0203 137 2114
    Email: applications@primarycare-jobs.co.uk

2014’s Medical Successes.

It’s nearly Christmas and the New Year is ahead of us, so here at Primary Care People, we wanted to evaluate all the great medical revelations that has happened this year. To end a successful year for our company, and the healthcare industry, we look back at how much progression has been made.

Medical News Today inspired our reflection with their highlight’s article. We have picked the highlights we believe might lift your day and remind us of how much we can celebrate in the healthcare industry this year.
Our Top Medical Revelations This Year:

  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which raised millions for myotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS). Earlier in the year, iPS cells had been used to grow a model of ALS nerve cells, leading to potential clues about how the condition originates.
  • The Numerous cure’s and attention finally paid to Ebola
  • Human lungs successfully grown in a lab for the first time.
  • Motorbike crash victim’s face repaired with 3D printing
  • 3D-printed implants restore baby’s breathing
  • ‘Smart glasses’ for the near-blind start trials in public spaces

Due to just these few cases of huge progression, medicine is growing stronger as the years go by. There has been numerous progressions for the testing and results of cells, multiplying, protecting and growing anew.

We have suffered a lot through 2014, and the NHS especially has been under severe strain. But we take this opportunity to look on the brighter side, and recognize the excitement of what has been happening in the medical industry.
Should you wish to open your New Year looking for new work, Primary Care People are here to help and provide you with whatever you desire. Please get in touch if this is the case.
Call: 0203 137 2114
Email: applications@primarycare-jobs.co.uk

We’d also like to thank all our clients, GP’s and Nurses for committing to your job, all for worthwhile causes. We appreciate your hard work, and wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Nurse Practitioners – We Thank You!

We have been very busy over the Christmas period; covering shifts, meeting new clients, employing new candidates and implementing our referral scheme. We wanted to take some time to show recognition for our team’s hard work and the enthusiasm of our new candidates.

Especially over the last month we have welcomed numerous nurses, and especially come to recognize the importance of nurse practitioners and, especially, ENP’s. Because we have managed to enable a lot of nurse’s work recently, we started thinking about the value of our Nurses.

GP and Nurses alike, we run our business primarily on the consensus that our GP’s and Nurses in Primary care are extremely important to us. They are the foundation to a successful healthcare system. We understand this, and it has helped us to become a tier one agency to provide work for. Not on the basis to sell ourselves – but to ensure the right GP or Nurse is placed where best suits them.

For those that are not aware, Nurse practitioners in the primary care industry, divide between two categories; Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) and Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP).

Due to our popularity of ENP’s, to understand just how important their roles are, we have displayed their duties:

The Emergency Care Practitioner provides advanced level care for patients with undiagnosed, undifferentiated needs. Nurses in this role may work across acute and community settings and will:

  • Assess, plan implement and evaluate urgent care at an advanced level;
  • Work autonomously, exercising a high degree of critical judgement to improve outcomes and experiences for patients;
  • Provide expert clinical advice and expertise to patients, service users, carers and colleagues.
  • Work as an expert practitioner, diagnosing, initiating treatment and referring onwards when indicated.
  • Evaluate and manage the patient’s response to treatment;
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of safe, high quality services through a robust model of clinical governance;
  • Contribute to the development of patient group directives, clinical guidelines, frameworks and competency tools;
  • Contribute or lead education, research, audit and patient safety initiatives within the service.

We believe because of their duties they hold a lot of responsibility that can go unrecognized. We wanted to take the opportunity to illustrate just how important they are, and how helpful they have been to us.

We have also received feedback from our Nurses that helped us realize how important we are to them:

“I have been working with Primary Care People for 1 year, as a self-employed ENP. I decided to commit to being self-employed after spending many years within the public and private sector. This was initially a scary prospect, as I was unsure if I would have enough work to support my family. Tawhid and his team have worked very closely with me to ensure that I have enough work to support my family and that I have enough time away from work to support them.”    – Emergency Nurse Practitioner

We are happy to be in the healthcare industry, and provide medical practices and hospitals with the most suitable staff.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are a Nurse or GP, who wants to join our strong team.

We also have a referral scheme for both GP’s and Nurses. If you can refer a name of a GP or Nurse, you can earn from £1-£2,000+.

Also, please leave comments if you feel unappreciated in your position. We want to know your thoughts.

Primary Care People: We care for you, so you can care for others.

Contact details:
Email: applications@primarycare-jobs.co.uk
Tel: 0203 137 2114