Monthly November Statistics

Candidates: we have registered 109 new candidates this month!

Clients: we have signed on with 52 new clients this month.

A big welcome to all new Doctor’s and Nurse’s that have joined us this month. We hope you find all you want from your work with us, and wish you a prosperous year. With our new clients we are thriving in expanding our work opportunities for all you candidates.  We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

And another big welcome to all new Client’s that have joined us this month. With our new candidates registering with the company we are thriving in expanding our team.

Don’t forget should you want to join us we have excellent referral terms.

Please email:

We are excited to have you all as part of the Primary Care People team.

Nurse Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £200.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £650.00
 Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work) £1000.00

Doctor Referral Terms:

Hours worked by Referral Referral payment to Candidate
First 100 hours (Equivalent to two weeks work) £300.00
Next 400 hours (Equivalent to ten weeks work) £300.00
Next 1000 hours (Equivalent to twenty five weeks work) £700.00
Next 2000 hours (Equivalent to fifty weeks work)

Employee Profile: Amit Unarket

Our Employee profile this month is Amit Unarket (Principal Consultant). Please see below to get know a bit more about him.

  1. Why did you start working with Primary Care People?
    I had look at other agencies and saw the growth potential of Primary Care people and was very interested in joining and being part of it.
  2. What do you enjoy most about working here?
    The people here, we are like a family. And we all work together as a team.
  3. What do you do in your spare time?
    Organise a wedding.
  4. What is your favourite food?
    I enjoy eating curries at least once a week, with a pint to wash it down.
  5. What is your best achievement?
    Growing a lucrative recruitment function in the UAE and working as a recruitment partner internationally.
  6. Best advice anyone has given you?
    Getting in to recruitment.

Calling Attention To All Nurses: Revalidation Help Guide

All Nurses have recently been made aware of the NMC revalidation that is taking place next year.

The new guidance comes into effect from April 2016. Which means every registered nurse will undergo revalidation at some point in the subsequent three years. If you fail to revalidate you will be removed from the register and unable to practise.

Although this seems daunting, Primary Care People wanted to ensure that you are fully prepared for your revalidation. We are here to help you through the process to make it that much easier for you.

The new process replaces the current Prep requirements and nurses and midwives will have to revalidate every three years when they renew their place on the register. The revalidation builds on existing renewal requirements by introducing new elements which encourage nurses and midwives to reflect on the role of the Code in their practice and demonstrate that they are ‘living’ the standards set out within it.

So that we do not confuse you, we have collected what the new requirements are alongside your existing.

To summarise what the new requirements are for revalidation, we have listed them below:

  • Producing 5 written reflections on your practice;
  • Having a reflective discussion with a fellow nurse or midwife;
  • Ensuring that another professional – normally your line manager – confirms that you have met all of the requirements for revalidation.

Many of the requirements that you will have already done as part of the PREP will remain under revalidation, so nothing in those respects will be unfamiliar to you.

In total with the current requirements, this is the list for revalidation you will be looking at as a whole:

  • 450 practice hours or 900 if revalidating as both a nurse and midwife
  • 35 hours CPD including 20 hours participatory learning
  • Five pieces of practice related feedback
  • Five written reflective accounts
  • Reflective discussion
  • Health and character declaration
  • Professional indemnity arrangements
  • Confirmation

You can use the NMC to help start the process already for your revalidation. Here are the steps they suggest you take:

  1. Make sure you have an NMC Online account. If you don’t yet have one refer to our step by step guidance on setting up your account.
  2. Find out about your:Revalidation application date: This is the date by which you must submit your revalidation application.

    Renewal date: This is the date on which your registration expires. Your registration will be renewed from this date if you have successfully completed your revalidation application.

  3. Learn about what you will need to do. Talk with colleagues about revalidation and return to these web pages regularly.

Nurses and midwives should familiarise themselves with How to revalidate with the NMC now and start to develop their portfolio.

Revalidation will build on the requirements that nurses and midwives already need to meet. However, we want to provide a fair and reasonable amount of time for nurses and midwives to familiarise themselves with the revalidation requirements and prepare for their revalidation. We are proposing that the first nurses and midwives to revalidate will be those with a renewal date in April 2016. [1]

Please note that you must still pay your annual retention fee every year to maintain your registration with the NMC. Revalidation replaces the current renewal (Prep) process and you will have to complete the revalidation process every three years in order to renew your registration.

Should you need any further help with your revalidation process we are more than happy to assist you! Please call our dedicated nursing team, or our compliance team, who can guide you in the right direction.

[1], (2015). Revalidation. [online] Available at:

Partnership With The RCGP

Today marked a very special occasion for Primary Care People, and the start of our partnership with The Royal College of General Practitioners.

We have partnered up with The RCGP to help assist them in their Practice Manager workshops that will be running annually from Janurary 2016.

We’re delighted to confirm that Primary Care People will be the exclusive sponsorship partner for the imminent schedule of legal practice and employment workshops, due to launch in November 2015.

Through the rest of 2015 workshops will be trialled in London before moving over the country. Our Managing Director Tawhid Juneja will be taking part in the workshops to speak to Practice Managers about how we can help with current issues.

Not only will we be assisting the college with the workshops, but we are also the official sponsor for next years Research Paper of the Year.

RCGP’s flagship clinical research award, now entering its 20th year. For 2016, Primary Care people will be the partner to take the awards into a new era.

We are proud to be working closely with the college to eradicate ideas of ‘the greedy agency’, and offer any help and advice we can to General Practitioners and Practice Managers.

Caring For You, So You Can Care For Others


Successful Sale: We Hit Our Target!

We held our charity food sale for our sponsored charity Sense on Friday the 6th of November. All the team contributed to bringing in home-made goods. Ranging from Curry, Lasagne and Pizza, to cupcakes and chocolate baskets.

Everyone joined together to help raise money to save Sense stables rescue donkeys. The team had a goal of £500, and managed to raise half of that during the sale. In total with our justgiving page, we have managed to raise our target and ensure the donkeys have a safe home. As well as delight the children who spend time with the donkeys during their time at the stables.

Primary Care People will be visiting the stables and the donkeys soon!

Thank to all who stopped by and donated.

If you’d still like to donate, please follow our link.

Give a Home to Two Rescue Donkeys at Sense Stables

This week we are running a food sale for our Charity Sense, which will be both sweet and savoury foods. This will be held at our offices on Friday the 6th of November from 11am – 2pm, so please feel free to come down!

We are also using this opportunity to fundraise for Sense Stables, located in Peterborough. The stables help a lot of children and members of the charity with their learning, and to communicate with animals. Sense are currently trying to home two rescue donkeys to have at their stables.

The Charity said:

“We are getting the donkeys for the people who come here and are unable to ride as they are slightly less intimidating than horses for people lacking in confidence. Also they are great therapy as they are guaranteed to make people smile!”

Please help us reach our target of £500 to create a living environment for them, feed, and to help members of the charity enjoy the Sense Stables.